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Seven Seas launches campaign to fight malnutrition in Kenya

Seven Seas, which is produced by Merck Consumer Health on Friday, unveiled an awareness campaign to actively fight malnutrition in Kenya.

The event brought together key stakeholders in the government, medical, agriculture, sports and education sectors to discuss the underlying challenge of malnutrition in Kenya.

Speaking at the launch, the head of nutrition in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Gladys Mugambi, said the government is working on programmes that will increase the awareness level on the importance of good nutrition for children.

“We are working with institutions both in government and the private sector to ensure that people are made aware of the importance of a balanced diet for children to reduce cases of stunted growth and ailments associated with malnutrition,” she said.

The campaign seeks to break the downward cycle of malnourished, weaker generations by engaging the population to practice healthy lifestyles and nutrition habits through influential opinion makers, national media and direct engagements with consumers.


Malnutrition poses a huge challenge in Kenya today with nearly 100,000 children dying before their fifth birthday every year. 50% of these deaths are linked to malnutrition.

Today 2.8 million children in Kenya under the age of five are stunted. The problem of malnutrition and stunting is not often a result of lack of food, but not eating the right food.

Seven Seas will embark on nutrition awareness roadshows where consumers will benefit from direct engagements with Nutritionists, Paediatricians and other medical staff who will give them advice on the right nutrition for their children.

This campaign follows Merck Consumer Health’s previous support of initiatives that enable access to healthcare in Kenya, for example the partnership with Beyond Zero, the national initiative by Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta to increase access to healthcare services.