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Seven stereotypes of the Nairobi bachelor that aren’t true

Many negative assumptions have been made about the Nairobi man. Sadly, these assumptions aren’t always true.

Here’s a look into ways in which the Nairobi man is misunderstood.

1. They are all the same – This is the most common complaint about men you are bound to hear from women in Nairobi. This isn’t true. Nairobi is a host of different types of men, they are not the same. Should a woman find herself running into the same type of man problem, then there is a problem with her choice of men.

2. He doesn’t care for romance – The Nairobi man is unromantic, all he cares for is sex, right? Well wrong. The truth is that he is not embarrassed of romance. He is into romantic relationships and he does fall in love. He wants to talk about his feelings.

3. He is a player – The Nairobi man has been painted as one who likes to keep a variety of women. This has been explained by the fact that men are naturally polygamous.

The truth is in fact the opposite. There are polygamous men in Nairobi. This however makes up for only a small percentage of men. There are men in Nairobi who makes a conscious effort to stay true to one woman.

4. He is a sports fanatic – Most weekends, the sports bars in Nairobi are packed. This however does not mean that every other man you meet on the streets of Nairobi is a football fan. You have no reason to frown at a man who tells you that he has zero interest in sports. He is not alien. There are many of them.

5. He is a slob – The Nairobi man doesn’t understand fashion, doesn’t care too much about his personal hygiene and he likes to leave his dirty socks lying around. These are just some of the stereotypes we have of the Nairobi man in regard to his appearance.

Truth is that there is a new breed of men in Nairobi who will spend more time than his woman in the shower and at the beauty parlour. The metrosexual man is very aware of his appearance.

6. He loves dancing – Nairobi has a vibrant night life. This has been mistaken to mean that all Nairobi men can dance. The truth is that there are men in Nairobi who actively stay away from all of it as much as they can. Men who do not enjoy dancing.

7. He is macho – While the Nairobi woman is seen as being too feeling, the man is seen as being too unfeeling. The assumption is that he just doesn’t care. True, he can be strong. But he is also compassionate and capable of being loved.