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Seven things you can do while queuing to vote

On election day, there is no need to hire a baby to jump the queue, you can take this time to do a couple of things that will definitely add some fun to the waiting process.

Here are a couple of things we can recommend:

1. Chat up a fine lady

This may be your chance to get a girlfriend or even a wife so as you wait on the queue, strike a conversation with the women near you as long as you do not discuss who you are voting. Your story telling skills could easily win you a wife.

2. Catch up with friends on social media

As you wait for your turn to vote, inbox a couple of friends you haven’t talked to in a while and who knows, you could just find out something new about them. In this life where everyone tends to be busy, its takes long before we catch up so take this chance as you wait in line and chat up some friends online.

3. Get some information from the media

As you wait to decide who will lead this country, you could get take time and peruse a newspaper or a website to obtain more information on the candidate’s manifestos. This could help you make a more informed decision on who to trust with your vote.

4. Listen to some music

A playlist of your favourite songs will come in handy to keep you entertained as you wait in line. Listen to the hits saved on your phone and if surrounded by music lovers, you could as well dance to the music in a way that will not disrupt other voters.

5. Take selfies

Get this right, you are allowed to take photos outside but not inside the polling station. Take a couple of selfies and perhaps share with your friends online, this could as well encourage someone to get out of their house and vote.

6. Play a guessing game

There are some games that do not disrupt order and can be easily done while queuing. The easiest in the guessing game where you gesture an activity or event and the other player guesses what it is that you are mimicking. This could spruce up your hours on the queue and while at it get you some new friends.

7. Eat

Don’t forget to refuel your energy with food. Grab a snack or even packed lunch if you brought some and eat your way to decision making.