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Seven ways to keep the love alive this Mashujaa Day

Public holidays are meant to give a chance to couples to have some romantic moments away from the daily hustles.

For those with children, the days should be filled with family activities that will ensure the young ones enjoy the day.

Here are some of the activities for couples to engage in this Mashujaa Day:

1. Make breakfast together

For the men, this might be the best day to treat your family to a sumptuous breakfast meal. Waking up to make the meal from scratch and incorporating ingredients that are out of the norm may be a good gesture to keep your family happy.

2. Take a drive outside town

As weekends are often filled with a lot on the ‘to do list’, taking time off during public holidays to enjoy a family road trip will be rejuvenating for everyone. Drive to a town that you have either not previously visited or one that you haven’t visited in a long time; the moments will form precious memories for your family.

3. Share a meal

This may involve a home-made meal that is rarely found in the menu or a meal during the road trip. For some households, enjoying some marinated nyama choma during the road trip is the ultimate meal.


Ensure that the choice of location where you have the meal is exciting for the different personalities in the family. For instance, a location with fun activities for the children will be cherished.

5. Visit a spa together

For the couples, an hour at a spa of your choice will form the perfect Mashujaa Day as the two of you bond and relax. Have simultaneous massage sessions preferably in the same room so that it can be relaxing for both of you. Moments in the sauna will also be a perfect way to crown the spa experience.

6. Watch a movie

This will depend on your likes and dislikes. For some couples, movie nights are best held in theatres while for others a movie night right in the house while cuddling on the sofa is perfect. Enjoy catching up on a movie that none of you has ever watched and while at it, share your favourite snack.

7. Exercise together

A morning run for couples this Mashujaa Day will be the perfect way to kick start an activity filled holiday. Spending a few hours in the gym together will also be a great way to reconnect and reassure each other that you can always create time for your loved one. Exercises work well for couples seeking to bond more and while at it keep fit.