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Seventh-Day Adventist reverend causes a stir over ‘stealing husbands’ sermon

Reverend Elizabeth Mokoro, a prominent figure in the Seventh-Day Adventist community, has offered advice to women facing challenges in their marriages, urging them to persevere through difficult times, even if they discover the presence of another woman.

In a recent statement, Reverend Mokoro addressed concerns about the impact of extramarital relationships on the spiritual covenant of marriage.

She stated, “The presence of strange women, a mistress, a girlfriend, or ‘mpango wa kando’ does not nullify the spiritual covenant that you have with the husband of your youth.” Her words sparked controversy on social media, with some expressing disagreement.

“Don’t jump out of your marriage because you have heard there is some girl somewhere; that is what the devil wants you to do, to walk away. Many have walked away,” she added, emphasizing the importance of resilience.

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Reverend Mokoro went on to share a perspective on relationships, suggesting that having a rival could be an indicator of a strong connection.

“If you have a man with whom you have no rival, then you have a useless man. Kitu kizuri kinapiganiwa (Something good is worth fighting for). No woman takes a man just because they are well dressed; there is something the other woman has seen,” she remarked.

Offering practical advice, the pastor encouraged women to actively care for their husbands to prevent them from being tempted elsewhere.

“You just sit in the house, and look at him like your brother or a child because you went to school; you don’t even respect your husband. There is someone somewhere who will snatch him away from you,” she cautioned, emphasising the importance of maintaining a strong marital bond.

However, Reverend Mokoro’s views faced criticism online, with some users interpreting her words as encouraging marital infidelity. Others, though, supported her perspective, praising her for addressing sensitive topics with a gentle approach.

As discussions unfold, Reverend Mokoro’s advice has ignited conversations about marriage, fidelity, and the diverse opinions held by individuals within the community.

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