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Sex guide for city couples on how to beat the cold season

The weatherman warned last week that the cold season will get worse before it gets warmer. City residents have now turned to discussions on how sex would help them keep warm.

On social media closed groups, Nairobians have been discussing how sex is their consolation and only way to effectively beat the cold weather.

Nairobi sexologist Maurice Matheka shared some tips on how to have great sex this cold season.

1. Have a sexual connection
According to Matheka, Nairobians are not aware that good sex doesn’t come naturally, it is a connection that has to be made. The connection is often established at the flirtation stage where a partner seduces the other to get them on the same zone for that explosive outcome.

2. Go beyond the norm
Matheka admits that most men are still in the medieval stage of believing sex has to be done in a specific way. His advice to couples who want to enjoy sex is to go outside the norm and explore areas (both in their bodies and in terms of geographical) they have never explored.

3. Great sex should not be mechanical
Obligatory sex, where a married woman or man knows that he/she has to have sex on certain days to satisfy their partner, has made couples’ sex lives boring. To ensure sex is not mechanical, Matheka advices couples never to make sex an obligation as they will not enjoy it.

4. Concentrate on arousing your woman
According to Matheka, men will always get satisfied and ejaculate in most sexual encounters, but women have to be aroused well for them to enjoy. He advices men to master the art of foreplay at all times to ensure their women enjoy sex too.

5. Keep warm
During the cold season, a man’s ability to erect is greatly affected.  The best way to counter this is to ensure the sex organs are warm enough to sustain an erection. Have a warm cup of coffee/tea alongside an energy packed hot meal to ensure you enjoy some great sex this season.