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Hilarious tales of squeaky beds that are ruining sex lives

Ever heard a bed at your neighbour’s house squeak in the middle of the night?

Well, Nairobi women have admitted that the noise makes them switch off from sex imagining what the neighbours think.

In a popular women’s Facebook group, women narrated how their attempts to get a “perfect bed” have made them change furniture every few months.

Some users went on to recommend metallic beds to the suffering women while others advised them to always drop the mattress on the floor during sex.


Here are some hilarious solutions and comments offered:

“Reduce the gymnastics. Maybe just do missionary until you get a stronger bed.”

“Iko nini, yangu inaimbanga every time and I don’t mind. Mwenye ako chini yangu niliskia akicomplain.”

Na unadhani hawa wazee hawaskiangi, kwanza saa zile inalia ndio anaskuma kuskuma, saa hiyo ndio attention yote ya bibi inarudi kwa hiyo kelele. Chei! Replace uondokee stress.”

“Hapo ipo kazi! ??”

“Yangu natamani imek noise tangu last week but wapi na hata hakuna dalili, mgomo baridi or maybe go-slow.”

“We have so far broken 4 beds in 12 yrs, hadi tukaamua matress chini before doing a strong metal bed, hadi fundi alitucheka anauliza kwani tunachezanga Champions League…”