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‘Sex show’ raises fresh queries as film board threatens to taken legal action

The producers and distributors of a new podcast show that talks about sex, could face prosecution if found to be in contravention of established regulations.

The show titled, The Spread, which is hosted by singer Karen Lucas, better known as Kaz, and actress Nini Wacera has caused a stir on social media with its explicit sexual content.

Now the Kenya Film Classification Board said it is carrying out investigations to establish whether the programme was ever produced and whether the regulations guiding content product on and distribution of film content meant for public exhibition were followed.

According to a Facebook post by the board’s CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, “if investigations reveal contraventions of established regulations, KFCB will take a firm action against the producers and distributors of the programme in line with the law.”

The Spread is the new hot show in town where the two hosts talk candidly on intimacy and relationships. The sex positive podcast airs every Friday at midnight.

Sexual health, aphrodisiacs, sex after break ups are just some of the steamy topics discussed during the three hour show.

Details of a poster advertising the show has led netizens to believe that it is an alleged Lesbian show, since the two host are seen on the poster adorning a turban and beaded necklaces with nothing else and posing suggestively.

Actress Nini Wacera has in the past been accused of being a lesbian but in an interview with the Drum in 2014 she refuted the claims.