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Sex & The City, with an African twist

“There are 7 billion people in the world. Every once in a while, one of those people finds his or her way home.”… Such an interesting statement that welcomes us to episode one of the much talked about show – An African City.

An African City is a web series getting a lot of buzz worldwide because of its uncanny similarity to the phenomenal TV series, Sex and the city. I recently discovered this gem of a show and I can’t stop watching!

An African City follows 5 women, West African women to be exact, who had left the continent for the Western world as very young girls with their families and are now all returning home to Ghana to start their lives, build their careers, get back to their roots and most of all, to find love and settle down in Africa.

Nicole Amarteifio is the genius behind this great work of art dabbling as the creator, writer, co-director and executive producer of the show.

Being a returnee herself, she wanted to create something that would show the world what African women really are, intelligent, modern and independent as opposed to what they are stereotyped as.

It sheds light on all stages that returnees face when relocating back to the continent, all the while documenting the ladies’ quest for love.

The fashion in this show is spectacular! Sex and the city definitely have nothing on them in the costume department, kudos to the designers!

So much colour, rich African fabrics, exquisite designs, and the statement accessories that really complete the outfit make these ladies look effortlessly chic all the time.

Only down side of this show… the length. The episodes are too short!! Hopefully season two will be longer. Below is a link to episode 1, take a peek at it ladies and tell us what you think of this new age Sex and the City aka An African City.