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Nairobi’s top sex therapist ready for another baby

Nairobi’s renowned sex therapist Getrude Mungai is ready for another baby.

The mother of two narrated her struggle with fibroids and eventual miscarriage of her third born during an interview with Baby Love Network.

During the interview, Ms Mungai narrated how she was diagnosed with fibroids aged 19 and advised to have a baby within five years.

She got married at 24 and had her first born in a pregnancy that was marred by pre-term labour in the fourth and sixth month.

Her second pregnancy was however smooth and fibroid free making her a mother of two boys.

“So at 35 years, it became apparent we wanted a girl. My career was, however, on the fast lane; A TV and radio show and bridal showers all over. I was moving in and out of town as well as out of the country. I eventually decided that I would have my baby girl at 40,” she told the network.


The sex aunty started preparing for her baby girl and when the pregnancy test was positive, she went to the doctor who found two huge fibroids in the uterus.

The doctor assured her that the fibroids would not hinder her baby’s growth and she went on with her usual work engagements of bridal showers.

The sex aunty however recounts her painful miscarriage at 20 weeks plus six days.

“Before long I was induced and transferred to a ward. After half an hour I went through labour and gave birth to a stillborn – Ceaser. My heart broke into a thousand pieces. To compound the situation the placenta refused to come out, the doctor tried to pull it manually, but it was too painful for me plus now I was too weak. I had to undergo an emergency operation to remove it. According to the doctor, early in the pregnancy the placenta is much more firmly attached therefore very painful to remove,” she told the network.

She then had to go on a two weeks bed rest while on blood boosting diet but she says all she wants is another baby though the miscarriage affected her husband to the extent that he is not convinced to have another child.