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Sex toys merchant shames city socialite over deal gone awry

The public shaming of socialite Pendo by a Nairobi based sex toys merchant over a deal gone south has caused a stir on social media.

According to Beverly Munga, the owner of G spot Kenya, an online shop for sex toys, the socialite had requisitioned for a vibrator which was delivered at her home address.

Ms Munga said when she called Pendo during delivery, she was told to leave the package with the gate guard and will receive the Sh5, 000 payment via M-Pesa.

“I had no problem with her sending the money via M-Pesa because that is usually what happens with most of my clients,” explained Ms Munga in a social media post.


A week later,  Ms Munga says she has yet to receive any money from Pendo.

She claims the socialite has refused to pick her calls and has since blocked her phone number.

However, Pendo has refuted the claims, according to media reports, saying that it was an imposter using her identity who ordered for the sex toy.

Contacted by Nairobi News for comment, Pendo said she has no comment on the matter.

The spat has sparked a debate on social media and has been christened the Vibrator Beef.