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Sex worker abandons newborn baby at hospital’s nursery

A sex worker is among three mothers who abandoned their newborn babies at the nursery of the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa.

The unidentified sex worker in her mid 20s surprised staff at the hospital when she woke up in the morning, prepared her baby, applied her makeup and left.

She bluntly told nurses that she is giving her daughter for adoption since parenting will intefere with her work. The baby was born on May 30, 2017.


“Efforts by children service departments and health workers to counsel her did not yield any fruit. She said the baby would interfere with her work since she is a sex worker,” a staff at the hospital told Nairobi News.

“The mother said anyone can adopt the child or she (the baby) can be taken to a children’s home,” she added.

The hospital is now appealing for diapers, coconut oil, formula milk and clothes from wellwishers.

According to a source at the facility, all the three babies were abandoned soon after being born. They have been named Abu Joho, Sheila Chelsea Waithera and Ruth Kerubo Msembi.

Waithera and Msembi were named after their mother, while Joho was named after the brother of Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, Abu Joho.


“We decided to give him the name due to his humble nature. Anyone who knows the governor’s brother can attest that he is a cool and kind man,” said one of the casual worker at the facility, Ms Asha Issa.

She said baby Joho was brought at the facility by police after he was rescued at a stream in Kiembeni area. It is suspected he was left there to die by his mother soon after he was born. He was stabilised by doctors upon arrival at the hospital.



Anyone who wishes to adopt the children should visit the Mombasa County Children Services Department.