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Sex worker seeks witch doctor’s help after stealing client’s ‘treated’ money

A sex worker in Tala, Machakos County, contracted a strange illness after stealing sh20, 000 from a client.

Ann Wanjiru had intoxicated her client, a renowned businessman, using a concoction given to her by a witch doctor before stealing the amount from him.

The businessman sought the intervention of the same witch doctor who had formulated the concoction albeit without prior knowledge.


The witch doctor, Annah Mutheu, immediately summoned Ms Wanjiru warning her to return the money or face dire consequences.

Ms Wanjiru ignored the warning and went about her daily routine until on Monday when her belly and legs started swelling.

She rushed to the witch doctor’s house who promptly reminded her of the warning she had ignored.

The sex worker was then told that the only way out of her predicament was to return the sh20, 000 to the businessman.


Ms Wanjiru desperately searched for businessman and gave him back his money. She was thereafter   treated by the witch doctor and her swollen belly and legs subsided.

After regaining her normal self, she lamented how her failure to heed the witch doctor’s advice brought her trouble.

“I regret not following Mutheu’s instructions. I used her craft to steal from my customer but found myself in trouble. I refused to follow her instructions after she gave me a concoction that put my customer to sleep thinking that I was immune,” said Ms Wanjiru.

The businessman in question has since not commented on the incident.