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Sex workers flock Bomet county to prey on tea bonus

By GEOFFREY RONO October 16th, 2015 1 min read

Sex workers have started streaming into major towns in Bomet county to cash in on payments of annual bonuses to tea growers.

The bonuses will start to be paid out this month.

Popular entertainment joints in the county are now flooded with girls perched on high stools who are eyeing potential targets.

One commercial sex worker, who declined to be named, said: “Here we come for a kill because this is the end of our calendar year. We have been to Kitale for the maize harvest, Narok for wheat, Meru for miraa and now Bomet for tea bonus.”

She added: “I’m sure of making at least a clean Sh300, 000 at the end of the payment season, just like last year.”

But she was quick to say that the business is risky taking into account that some of the clients do not want to use protection because they want to “get the feel of their money.”

On Thursday, Bomet deputy county commissioner Josephat Mutisya expressed concern over the influx of sex workers in the county and asked tea growers to be wary of them.

The administrator asked wives not to allow their husbands to visit financial institutions to withdraw cash while unaccompanied.

“Make sure you accompany your husbands to banks when they are going to withdraw cash so that they do not waste the money on activities that may plunge your families into miseries later,” he told women during a baraza at Kapkoros area.