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Sexy gospel artiste defends flaunting her killer curves – PHOTOS

Upcoming gospel artiste, Nicah The Queen, has come out to defend her curves after social media hounded her for posting a photo that “exposed her boobs”.

The photo in question was posted while she was on holiday at the coast with her husband, top Nairobi comedian Dr Ofweneke.


But in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Nicah said: “Most of those women who attacked me are single ladies, they don’t have kids and they don’t know how to take care of a man. They are just jealous because I look this good and I have two kids. Christian chicks need to look sexy; it will attract men to come to church.”

According to Nicah, you do not have to wear a ‘kitenge’ to show people how holy you are, “just be you”.

She says that women were created with curves and they will show regardless of what they wear.

“I dress according to my age, I was hot and sexy; even my husband liked it. Christians are sexy in every way, my post showed guys out there you don’t have to go the club to find a fine woman you can come to church,” she said.


After the post went viral, Nicah pulled it down. The big question left on everyone’s mind was why she removed the post then if she was okay with it?

“When it went viral, my dad called me and asked me to pull it down; he was really upset that I was being attacked,” she said.

“My husband was ok with it, but I removed it out of the respect of my dad.”

When the wrath of KOT was upon Nicah, her husband Dr Ofweneke came out in her defence with a long response on social media.

He said he had no problem flaunting his wife’s curves for the world to see.


When we reached out to him for a comment he said: “It shouldn’t be an issue; everyone has the right to dress how they want. I am the one who took her to Malindi, she wasn’t there with someone else. She wasn’t going for a Holy Ghost baptism, she was going to swim, did people expect her to wear a suit.”

He argues that male gospel artistes wear shorts and vests all the time when they are on holiday but they do not get this kind of reception.

He considers it hypocritical that the public will castigates a lady for doing the exact same thing.

“Meagan Good went through the same thing when her nudes were leaked on the internet; it’s really unfair,” he adds.

He was referring to the 2014 incident when the super-hot-actor-turned-pastor’s-wife, Meagan Good, had her phone hacked and private nudes leaked to the net.