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Here are the newly revised fares for SGR train journey

Madaraka Express passenger service economy class fares will from May 1, cost Sh1,000 up from the current fare of Sh700.

Kenya Railways managing director Atanas Maina on Thursday said that the revised rates will take effect from the said date but that any tickets purchased before May 1, 2018 will not be affected.

Fares for first class one-way fares remain unchanged at Sh3,000.

Kenya Railways has also extended the promotional tariff period from April 5, 2018 to June 30, 2018.

Passengers will be charged Sh940 from Mariakani to Nairobi and vice versa.


Fares from Miasenyi to Nairobi will cost Sh810 while Nairobi to Miasenyi will be at Sh900.

It will cost Sh700 to travel from Voi to Nairobi, with a similar fare changed for a trip from Nairobi to Voi.

Mtito-Andei to Nairobi and vice versa will cost Sh490 while those travelling from Kibwezi to Nairobi will pay Sh400.

Those travelling from Emali to Nairobi will pay Sh260 whereas passengers boarding at Athi River to Nairobi will be charged Sh60.

Earlier this month, Kenya Railways introduced parking fees for all vehicles accessing SGR stations.