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Sh100 wedding couple’s long ‘honeymoon’ comes to a heartbreaking end

The famous Sh100 wedding couple has had to sell their “supermarkets” after failing to make enough profit to sustain their livelihood.

Wilson Mutura, whose wife Ann is expectant with their first child, told Nairobi News that he struggled with the shop for months before finally selling it off.

He is now back on the road at Kasarani selling apples which was his initial job before the Sh100 wedding fame.

“We were making sales that were as little as Sh200 per day and at the end of the month had to borrow money for rent and so we decided to sell it off and buy enough fruits’ stock,” said Mutura.


The sponsor, Bonfire Adventures, who stocked their shop, had promised to pay three months’ rent as well as mentor the couple.

Asked if they consulted their mentor before closing shop Mutura said, “Our mentor was always busy. He never shared any business tips so in the end we had to make a decision on our own.”

But Bonfire Adventures, through its marketing manager, refuted the claims stating, “We have been with them all though even during the recent baby shower we were with them. Let me find out exactly what happened and get back to you.”


By the time of publishing, the company was yet to get back to Nairobi News.

This even as Mutura claimed the baby shower reports were false as they are yet to hold any event ahead of the baby’s arrival.

The couple has, however, been getting free prenatal services from a private hospital Komarock Modern Healthcare that offered a free maternity package.

Harriet Nyamu, a co-proprietor at the hospital, confirmed that the couple has been going for scheduled clinics as recommended.