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Sh225m tax pain: First Lady, Ruto’s wife trolled for their high budget offices

Kenyans online are protesting against the huge budgetary allocations made to the office of the First Lady and that of the Deputy President’s wife.

Kenyans feel the ongoing austerity measures in government spending should be extended to the offices of Mrs Margaret Kenyatta and Mrs Rachael Ruto.

Mrs Kenyatta’s office was allocated Sh191.9 million, while Mrs Ruto’s office got Sh34.5 million.

The high allocations to the two offices come as Kenyans are grappling with high cost of living after a tax hike on essential commodities.


Austin Musamali questioned; “Why do we have offices not in the constitution incurring bills on us? Like the office of the first lady, office of the spouse of deputy president? This are image offices that should be funded by their husbands, not tax payers. What value do they add to our lives?”

John Macharia added; “Office of the first lady 191M alafu kuna watu walituma pesa na wakaenda marathon ya beyond zero.”

Shadi Paul stated; “Yet our taxes are being raised! Why not cut all that wasteful spending.”

Omondi Otieno wrote; “So the national economic and social council has a smaller budget that Ruto’s wife. And you wonder why we have economic woes.”


Danlin Omondi added; “We rant about lack of cash yet we waste tax payers money on useless positions??!! We r doomed as a nation.”

Yvonne Wabai questioned; “Can someone ask his highness where the austerity measures are here? Cc. @UKenyatta Where are the austerity measures here? Ama utasema hii ni fake news?”

Julius Mmasi tweeted; “Dp Ruto ‘s Wife office budget raised from sh14.7 million to sh103 Million. Kenyans pay your added taxes diligently, fast and pray for Rachel Ruto to continue getting more!!”