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Sh824K bride price budget sparks Twitter storm

Marrying a Kenyan woman is increasingly becoming an expensive affair in these tough economic times.

The price attached to bride price ceremony became a subject of contention this week after a budget made rounds on social media, eliciting mixed reactions from netizens.

The budget totaled Sh824, 000 without including additional expenses like catering, fueling of vehicles and accommodation for guests travelling long distances.

More funds will be needed for the religious wedding.

Here is the reaction of netizens to the exorbitant budget.

‏@RookieKE tweeted; “Tbh, this isn’t a fight for women to fight – I have even heard of women contributing towards the bride price. The men set this up, they uphold it, they should dismantle it. Until they do, walipe tu.”

“After all this, you are still expected to finance the wedding, your life and support the parents!” tweeted @mitskimiti

Alex Njenga‏ commented; ” This is money that can pay the child’s school fees and rent for a couple of years.”

“This dowry budget can pay Kenya’s debt to China,” joked Calvin Otieno

“I’ve also seen women tied down to undesirable marriages because it’s hard to leave a man who has an ongoing 850k pending bill with her family. I don’t know about this cultural practice anymore, especially since it has morphed into something that appears highly commercial.” tweeted another social media user.

“This ruracio thing is exaggerated for there is no fixed amount under Kikuyu customary marriage. You cut your clothes according to your size. As well there is no much money to a worthy wife,” posted ‏ @themtkenyatimes