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Shabaab militants execute two Kenyans publicly

By FRED MUKINDA February 14th, 2018 1 min read

Two Kenyans were publicly executed by Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

Hassan Mohamed Yussuf and Mohamed Mohamed Hassan from Marsabit county were killed at Qunyo Barrow town, Somalia on Monday.

The terrorist organization accused them of spying for the Somalia and Kenya Governments.

The Al-shabaab militants used daggers to kill the two, unlike in previous executions where victims faced firing squads.

During the incident, Al-Shabaab militants used loudspeakers to round up residents who were then forced to watch the execution.

Al-shabaab also stones to death people it suspects of betraying their beliefs.

More than 20 Kenyans who joined Al-shabaab have been executed after falling out with commanders over the years.

Some of Kenyans who executed in recent past include Al-sha Jared Mokaya Omambia, Faraj Abdulmajid, Ahmed Yusuf Hassan, Ahmed Nur Abdi Osoble, Abdullah Talal Musa and Hashim Othman Selali.