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Shaffie Weru: Who says I’m not settled? I’m settled with my two baby mamas – WATCH

From the party-fueled lifestyle he leads, Shaffie Weru has over the years made a reputation for himself as the bad boy of Kenyan entertainment industry.

The radio personality comes across as a senior bachelor who has no interest in settling down with one woman, which is backed up by the fact that he has two known baby mamas.

But the radio presenter has now come out to dismiss the notion that he is not settled, saying that he doesn’t understand why people claim that he is not settled yet he has a family.

“Who says I am not settled, I’m settled. I have the mothers of my children who I love so much and they’re taking care of my children. As far as I’m concerned they are still my women unless wananicheza mimi sijui,” Shaffie said during an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

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“The day I will be struck by cupid’s arrow I will let you know. You will know when get to settled for someone,” he said.

Regarding his career, the former Kiss FM presenter said he is done with mainstream radio as he plans on getting back to the game on his own terms.

He reiterated that he gave much of his time and talent to corporate only to be left with nothing to show for it. 

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“I’ll be back doing something similar, something more me. I gave 17 years of my life to a corporate that never had my back, so it’ll be very hard for me to go back and do the same. If you see me on radio, either it’s owned by Roya Group or by Power Group. One of our companies has to buy into that station for me to work there,” Shaffie said. 

“I am not planning and I shall not work for another suit again,” he said.

In April this year, there were reports that the celebrated public figure had made a comeback on radio, but Shaffie, during the interview, denied ever being since he was fired by Homeboyz Radio. 

“I have never been on NRG. I haven’t been back on radio ever since I got fired. But this goes to show that I had a big impact,” he said with a chuckle.

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