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Shakilla: I wasn’t kicked out of my apartment

Socialite Shakilla has refuted claims that she was over the weekend thrown out of her luxurious apartment in Kilimani.

The socialite is reported to have been locked out of the apartment by her roommate over rent arrears. Photos and a video, which were supposedly taken when the incident happened, have been shared online.

But Shakilla claims no such thing happened. She is blaming an unidentified person for leaking what she claims is an old video.

The socialite has also vented her frustration with Kenyans for not appreciating celebrities.

“I’m gonna benefit from something if you put me, people wanna see how I am. They want to know how this girl is. Kenyans don’t really appreciate celebrities or influencers or celebrities, or public figures or whatever, you are the ones spoiling our name. Just coz I’m not cool with you, you think you can take my video?” said posed.

Shakilla is no stranger to controversies.  Shakilla once claimed that she slept with for Harambee Stars skipper Victor Wanyama for cash. The claims drew immediate action from Wanyama who sued for defamation.

The socialite, who is known for posting smutty photos of herself on social media, would later apologise to the footballer, saying she made the claims while drunk, adding that she had never met Wanyama.

On yet another occasion, Shakilla caused a buzz online with claims that she had slept with more than 30 men.