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Socialite Shakilla woos possible suitors

Kenyan socialite Shakilla appears to be struggling to find herself a man.

In a post on her Instagram stories, the bold socialite shared her disappointment in bagging a suitable suitor to cuff her, questioning whether or not people in her followers list want her.

“So outta all my goddamn followers, no one wants to enter into a serious relationship with me. Was I meant to be in the streets for life?” read Shakilla’s post.

However, in an interesting turn of events, singer B Classic did not leave such an opportunity to chance as he showed his interest in the socialite after learning that she was desperate.

He, however, took it upon himself to lay bare his conditions for pursuing and taking Shakilla saying that he’d be willing to take her under his wing if she was willing to change her socialite status and way of living.

“Shakila! Shakila! I have seen you want to leave the streets, see the thing is I am also in the market and I can take you in and I give you a good life. But are you willing to change? I’ll cater for everything…As long as I see you becoming a church girl,” said B Classic.

Singer Noti Flow also expressed her interest in the socialite, captioning the post on social media with “I’m here.”

In November 2022, Shakilla confessed she would never date a Kenyan man and instead prefer Nigerian men out of their generous nature.

“I would never date a Kenyan guy. I am not Kenyan so I have a right to do so,” she said at the time.

The self-proclaimed queen of the streets made a comeback on social media in mid-2022 after missing in action for months.

She explained in a YouTube interview that she took a break from posting online to focus on her growth and mental state and promised to share with her fans what she’d been working on.

To begin with, she claimed to have undergone fat freezing (a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperatures to reduce fat deposits) to get rid of her tummy fat. On June 1, 2022 Shakilla shared a video of the procedure and told her fans she wanted to get her snatched waist back.

Asked why she opted for the procedure, Shakilla said, “My body is my weapon, my body is my bank account,” adding that she wants to “look good even in old age like Kim Kardashian.”

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