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Shame of error-ridden posters which Sonko put up along Mombasa Road

By CHAD KITUNDU November 29th, 2018 1 min read

Posters of Cabinet Secretaries and county heads which Nairobi governor Mike Sonko put up along Mombasa Road ahead of the just concluded Blue Economy Conference have become an eyesore for the glaring typos in most of them.

The posters along the busy road, which is also the gateway into the country, have left many Kenyans online amused by the sloppiness of whoever got the tender to do the job.

While some of the posters bear mispronounced names of counties (Turukana instead of Turkana) and government ministries (Findustrialization instead of Industrialization), others indicate wrong counties for the county heads.


For example, the poster bearing the image of Senator for Kisii County Prof Sam Ongeri, instead indicates that he is the senator of Migori county.

Next to that very poster there is another poster of Migori senator Achillo Ayacko with the senator’s surname (Ayako) in itself mispronounced.

Hawk-eyed Kenyans on social media quickly noticed the anomaly and have had a field day trolling Sonko’s government for the shoddy and embarrassing piece of work.

Here are some of the comments and reactions on Twitter: