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Shame on you! P-Unit’s Bon’Eye slammed for trolling Vera Sidika over reduction surgery

In 2014, the P-Unit boy band group that featured Bon’Eye, Frasha and Gabu released a hit song called You Guy.

The main video vixen in this song was a young, unknown lass by the name of Vera Sidika.

Her huge, shapely backside was the main feature in this song and it was her footstool to claim fame in Kenya and abroad.

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P-Unit launched her into fame and it was from there that she went on to feature in other songs and even had a song named after her before she switched to becoming a full-time socialite.

In 2014, her body was all natural and very much coveted by men and women alike.

However, she would later undergo severe cosmetic surgery where she had her entire skin lightened, her breasts enlarged and implants put into her butt. She would only admit to having her breasts worked on and claimed that her backside was all natural.

This was not the case as on October 5, 2022, she revealed she had implants removed from her backside to save her life after facing health complications.

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Bon’Eye, one of the three credited with Vera’s fame, took to social media to react to the news but his sentiment was met with all manner of emotions from Kenyans.

“Leta kienyeji…ongeza manage,” Bon’eye captioned the post that included three photos: one of him with Vera Sidika from the You Guy music video, another of Vera’s new body sans her huge infamous backside and another of a standing frog’s flat and shapeless backside.

“Is this someone you worked with professionally? If at least not your friend?” posed John Odede.

“Very petty indeed,” added Justin Oguta.

“A real man never finds joy in the grief of others, especially women. We have mothers, wives and sisters…imagine that happening to either of you. Didn’t expect that from you,” said Ba’a Nadiah.

“Shame on you,” wrote Maureen Njoki.

He went on to delete the previous update, telling Kenyans to relax because he’d posted the photo collage as had been forwarded to him.

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Vera shared clips of the ‘reconstructive’ surgery. Pundits claim the video footage is from two years back.

Check out the clip below.


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