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The shameful kick that ‘made’ Zuma throw in the towel

By EDDY KAGERA February 15th, 2018 1 min read

A powerful image of a man kicking the backside of woman as she lay on the ground has been hailed partly as one of the many reasons South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma decided to resign.

In the picture, another man is seen holding a stick over the head of the woman who wore a distressed facial expression.

Some believe that Zuma alluded to the image in his resignation speech on Wednesday night.

“I have also been disturbed by the instances of violence that have occurred because of the different views among members of our organization outside our headquarters, Luthuli House. No life should be lost in my name and also the ANC should never be divided in my name,” said Zuma.

“I have therefore come to the decision to resign as President of the Republic with immediate effect.”

South African press reported that the incident took place on Monday in a series of protests and counter-protests outside ANC headquarters Luthuli House.

The unidentified woman was assaulted by an ANC member identified as Johannesburg branch secretary named Thabiso Setona.

Setona was quickly suspended with immediate effect, reports