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How I shared Sh791m NYS loot with Anne Waiguru

Former Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru received a share of the Sh791 million lost in the NYS scandal, according to a business woman who has been charged in connection with the corruption scandal at the youth agency.

In damning papers filed in court on Monday, Ms Josephine Kabura Irungu claims that Ms Waiguru was at the centre of the scandal and knew what was going on all along.

Ms Kabura says Ms Waiguru played a key role in devising devious schemes to divert public attention and mislead investigative agencies from getting to the bottom of the scandal.


The schemes involved slapping the suspects “with funny charges” to assuage public anger, directing blame at third parties — some of them allegedly innocent — and using public officials in elaborate cover-ups.

Ms Kabura is seeking to be enjoined as an interested party in a case filed by the Asset Recovery Agency against eight individuals alleged to have benefited from the Sh791 million NYS scandal.

The authority is seeking to recover the money from the eight. One of them is a businessman identified as Mr John Kago Ndung’u. According to Ms Kabura, Mr Ndung’u was her business associate and had never done business with NYS.

Ms Kabura claims that the former CS — who on Monday said she would seek the Jubilee nomination in the Nairobi governor’s race next year — planned, facilitated and protected the people involved in the NYS scandal.

She says that Ms Waiguru helped her to register the companies she used to do business with NYS.


Ms Waiguru also gave her specific instructions to open bank accounts for them at Family Bank, she says. All the accounts were to be opened at the Kenya Tea Development Authority Plaza branch.

“Ms Waiguru called an employee of Family Bank whose role was to ensure that the accounts were opened and operated without any hiccups,” says Ms Kabura.

According to her, the CS instructed her to work closely with the former CS’s sister, Ms Loise Mbarire, who would be given money regularly.

“Most of the time the CS Waiguru would request that I give part profits to a lady named Loise Mbarire, CS Waiguru’s sister, who was supposed to give back the money to me or the CS Waiguru after servicing her deliveries.

“Loise informed me that she worked in a law firm at Finance House on Loita Street. She would come (to the bank) in different vehicles, park in the basement and wait for me to withdraw and take it (the money) down to her, one bag at a time,” Ms Kabura says in her affidavit.

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SOURCE: Daily Nation