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Meet the sharp-looking, all new ‘Githeriman’

Just days after he became a trending topic on social media, Martin Kamotho Njenga, has acquired a distinctly different appearance from that of the githeri munching voter who endeared himself to many Kenyans on Election Day.

Mr Kamotho, who has since been affectionately christened the ‘Githeriman’ on social media, has quickly risen form anonymity to a celebrity in Kenya, and now everyone seems to want a piece of him.

One of Kenya’s makers of men’s suits in town have come through with their pledge of changing his wardrobe.

Githeriman: BEFORE and AFTER
Githeriman: BEFORE and AFTER

The company said they thought that Mr Kamotho deserved a complete make over from the ill-fitting coat that he was pictured dressed in in that viral photo.


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And just like that, photos of an all new ‘Githeriman’ looking resplendent in a fitting navy blue suit started doing the rounds on social media on Saturday.

The all new Githeriman. PHOTOS | COURTESY
The all new Githeriman. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Other photos showed him dressed in a grey jacket, black trousers, open shoes and a matching men’s brim.

In an interview with the Nation on Friday, Mr Kamotho said he was not aware how famous and popular he had become until the media showed up, shoving cameras in his face, shooting questions and thrusting him on live television.