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List: Sheila Kwamboka and Julia Gaitho’s podcasts top in Kenya – Spotify

By Sinda Matiko September 11th, 2023 1 min read

Spotify’s recent data analysis has unveiled the most popular podcasts in Kenya, with a mix of seasoned content creators and emerging voices making their mark in the podcasting world.

Topping the charts is “It’s Related, I Promise,” hosted by radio presenter Sheila Kwamboka, content creator Julia Gaitho, journalist Sharon Machira, and Muthoni Muchiri.

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In the second spot is “Planet Da’wah,” an Islam-focused podcast.

Content Creator Julia Gaitho, previously known for “Over 25,” captures third place with her podcast “So This is Love.”

“The97s Podcast,” hosted by the trio of Trevor, Frank, and Dante known for their candid and comical conversations, secures fourth place.

In fifth place is “The Mics Are Open,” hosted by radio presenters G Money, Calvin, Neville, Ashley, and Andy Young, offering a unique take on life.

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“Messy In Between,” hosted by content creators Murugi Munyi and Lydia K, holds the sixth position, discussing various aspects of life, love, money, relationships, and friendships.

“The Sandwich Podcast,” which held the title of the most listened-to podcast in Kenya as of October 2022, is ranked seventh.

“Iko Nini,” hosted by former rapper Mwafreeka, claims the ninth spot, focusing on candid discussions about entertainment and politics.

“Legally Clueless,” hosted by radio presenter Adelle Onyango, secures the eighth position, offering a space for people to embrace not having it all figured out.

Lastly, “The Podcast with no name,” hosted by writers Ndugu Abisai, Eddy Ashioya, and Brian Mbanacho, closes the top ten list.

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