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Sherlyne Anyango revisits happier times with her ex-boyfriend Obinna

Kenyan socialite Sherlyne Anyango has revealed new details regarding her relationship with her ex-boyfriend comedian Oga Obinna.

In an interactive question and answer session with her fans on Instagram, the socialite said she has no regrets about her relationship with the comedian.

Responding to a fan who asked whether she had ever dated Obinna, Sherlyne said:

“Just know I don’t regret anything.”

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Another fan asked the socialite if the comedian was treating her right and to which she responded:

“If he was I would be with him. Anyway, I won’t answer any more questions about him I’m so happy where I am.”

Yet another fan was curious to know more about their past relationship and asked the socialite, “Was Oga Obinna this immature when you were dating him?”

To which the socialite answered “Yes,” without giving more details.

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When asked if she is married, Sherlyne was witty in her response and simply gave a sly answer.

“Good question,” she answered the fan. Sherlyne went on to add that she is no longer married.

“It ended, unfortunately. I think marriage is a scam,” she wrote.

She, however, confirmed that she is currently in a relationship after one of her fans asked her if she is currently dating.

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Sherlyne and Obinna broke up last year following long-distance challenges. The two had an amicable breakup which they shared publicly as they reminisced their good old days together. It was later that Sherlyne revealed that things were not as rosy as they seemed.

When asked the real reason behind her breakup, Sherlyne said he simply was not treating her like the queen she is, adding that she prefers being with a man who can pamper her.

Just after breaking up with Obinna, Sherlyne went on to date an American whom she occasionally flaunted on her Instagram.

However, during the recent question and answer session, Sherlyne confirmed to have called it quits with the American man.

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