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Shisha pens: The new drug keeping students high in schools

By NAIRA HABIB October 19th, 2017 1 min read

The anti-drug abuse authority has raised the red flag on the emergence of shisha hookers, a pen-like device that can be smoked in schools without being noticed by school administrators.

The stylish device is electrically charged, has a refiller and can be easily concealed in a pocket.

They are imported from China and are now being sold in Kenyans towns.

The National Authority for the Campaign Againt Drug Abuse (Nacada) has warned that shisha hookers are quickly finding their way to schools.


Nacada Coast regional officer George Karisa says schoolchildren are now carrying the devices from home to schools for smoking during their free time.

Shockingly, Nacada’s investigations reveal that most of the children get access to the devices through their parents.

“Most parents openly abuse substances in front of their children as one child confessed that they smoked shisha together with the father when they are at home. Poor parenting is the cause of most of these issues,” said Mr Karisa