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Shock as DJ Arafat’s body is exhumed by selfie-chasing die-hard fans

By Thomas Matiko September 3rd, 2019 1 min read

Twelve people have been arrested by Ivorian authorities after they exhumed the body of the late DJ Arafat and broke open the coffin in order to take photos and videos.

According to reports from Ivory Coast, the rowdy fans stormed the cemetery where the artiste had been buried, dug up the grave, retrieved the coffin and forcefully opened it.

The reports further indicate that the fans were unhappy after being barred from viewing his remains during the burial ceremony.

Agitated, they forcefully opened the casket, took photos and videos of the corpse and shared them on social media.

The incident is said to have taken place on Saturday following an overnight funeral concert at Abijan’s main stadium where tens of thousands of mourners paid tribute to the artiste who died at 33 last month in a motorbike accident.

But things took an ugly twist when the rowdy fans tried to enter the Williamsville Cemetery where the singer’s family has given him a private burial, prompting clashes with the police.


A number of the fans made it past the security, forced open the fresh grave and coffin and took photos and videos.

“Investigations continue for the arrest of all the culprits and to locate the responsibilities at all levels,” the Mayor of Abijan, Vincent Tohbi Irie, said in a press statement.

DJ Arafat champion of the Coupe-Decale sound was a motorbike enthusiast and often pulled stunts on the road.

Until his death, DJ Arafat has released 11 albums, mainly of the Coupe-Decale sound, a dance music form which combines rapid percussion, choppy rhythms with hip hop style vocals.