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Shock as ‘mafia’ employees at Health ministry refuse to be transferred

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has expressed his astonishment after a number of employees at his ministry refused to be transferred to other departments.

The transfers were effected recently by the CS. He now says that having worked at different institutions in the past, he found the behaviour at Afya House surprising.

“On the issue of Afya House restructure, every employee has got a contract of employment that spells out very carefully that under these conditions this is where you will work. Most contracts will spell out you can be transferred here or there, you will retire at a particular age,” CS Kagwe said.

“I have been around for a long time, and I have honestly not been at any institution where people refuse to be transferred. I have never seen it anywhere else, I don’t even believe that there is any other ministry in this republic that encounters situations where individuals sitting in very interesting positions.”

Some had to be physically removed by force from the positions they previously held.

In addition, retirement has also become a thorny issue. CS Kagwe says individuals who reach the retirement age of 60 also show some resistance when it is time for them to leave.

“Others refuse to move from that position until you physically send somebody to physically assist them out. It is a very interesting situation.”

“One would imagine that when you get to the age of 60 you are looking forward to retirement and you go home. This is the only place where I know people get to 60 and instead of wanting to go home….. You know if we need you if you are sixty and we need your services we will contact you. I think the person who can determine whether your services are required or not is your employer, you cannot yourself go and tell your employer that under no circumstance I am retiring.”

Since he took charge at the ministry, CS Kagwe has been on a mission to weed out what he calls “mafia” at the Ministry.

“The issue of restructuring is an ongoing process, reforms happen in all sectors. And we will continue to restructure and I can assure you that there shall be no resistance that can stop the restructure of this ministry,” Mr Kagwe said.