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Shock as Moi University cancels medicine exams that ‘leaked’

Moi University School of Medicine has cancelled exams for fourth-year students following claims the tests had been leaked although the institution said there was no evidence.

The school’s dean, Prof Lukoye Atwoli, on Thursday confirmed they had recalled previous exams that started on Monday, saying fresh tests had been rolled out from Thursday.

He said the cancellation was out of caution and to ensure integrity in examinations offered by the medical school.

He said they had been notified of the claims that were circulating in social media about the leakage, and that they took the action out of caution.


“We hold ourselves to very high standards. Although there is no evidence so far showing that our exams were leaked, the School’s Academic Board decided on Wednesday to cancel the exams and give fresh ones starting today (Thursday),” said Prof Atwoli.

He said investigations into the alleged leakage were ongoing.

The written exams started on Monday and constitute 25 per cent of the end-year tests for the students.

The other 75 per cent constitutes continuous assessments tests and practical examinations which Prof Atwoli said were more critical than the written ones.

“If a student fails the practical clinical examinations where they are required to observe a patient, provide a diagnosis and a plan for treatment in front of a panel of examiners he or she would have failed the whole exam despite how they perform in the written one,” Prof Atwoli added.

He said they always have a backup tests and that the students began sitting the fresh set on Thursday.