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Shock as patient completes suicide mission in hospital toilet

By KNA December 30th, 2019 2 min read

Shock engulfed staff and patients at Murang’a county referral hospital after a middle-aged man committed suicide in one of the ward’s toilet.

The man took his life at the dawn of Sunday after one day of admission in the facility where he was rushed after his attempt to kill himself by taking poison flopped.

The man, who hails from Muguru area of Kangema Sub County, was admitted at Murang’a county hospital where he was rushed on Friday evening after taking poison at his home.

The hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr. Leonard Gikera said the deceased woke up at around 5am and took with him a bed sheet to the toilet.

He said the body was found by fellow patients dangling from the shower head inside a washroom with bed sheet tied on his neck.


Gikera said before the incident, the patient was recovering well from the effects of the poison he had earlier taken.

“For now we cannot be able to establish what pushed the patient to take his life. It’s like he was determined to kill himself since he had tried to take poison, an attempt that flopped,” he told KNA.

The death sent a wave of shock to patients admitted in the hospital with some saying the man looked depressed.

Confirming the incident, Murang’a County Police Commander Josephat Kinyua said they got information from the medical superintendent and officers moved in to move the body to the facility’s mortuary.

Kinyua noted that in recent past, cases of suicide are on the rise saying there was need for people facing challenges to speak up and seek help instead of opting to take their own life.

“Cases of suicide of people aged below 40 years are on the rise and we advise young people to seek help and advice from members of clergy, community leaders and psychiatrists instead deciding to take their lives,” said Kinyua.

The commander said they were trying to reach the family of the deceased as they proceed with investigation on what pushed the middle age man to take his life.