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Shock as woman rejects Sh90 billion in divorce settlement

By AGENCIES January 7th, 2015 1 min read

Let’s face it: very few Kenyans have ever held –or will ever hold- Sh1 million in their bank accounts.

Now imagine someone rejecting Sh90 billion ($1 billion) in divorce settlement saying she wants more?

That’s exactly what the ex-wife of oil tycoon has rejected… a handwritten cheque of $974.8 million as a divorce settlement. She says she wants more.

CNN reports that Harold Hamm, chief executive of oil driller Continental Resources, had agreed to pay the nearly Sh90 billion ($1 billion) back in November.

So on Tuesday, the oil magnate signed the multi-million shilling cheque and had it delivered to his ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall’s legal team.

She turned it down immediately. Reason? The award of around Sh90 billion ($1 billion) in cash and assets was insufficient because her ex-husband would keep the lion’s share of a fortune valued at Sh1.6 trillion ($18 billion).

“Ms. Arnall, through her counsel, stated that they were rejecting the…payment because Ms. Arnall did not want to risk the dismissal of her appeal by acceptance of the benefits,” Hamm’s lawyer, Michael Burrage, said in an emailed statement.