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Shock as cat with slit throat dumped at Tana River county assembly

Workers at the Tana Tiver County Assembly were left dumbfounded after they found a cat slashed in the neck dumped in the clerk’s office.

The brown cat was found on the floor with blood smeared on the floor and walls.

The animal is believed to have been killed elsewhere and dumped at the office by an unknown person.

It is still unclear how the culprit managed to breach the security at the main gate. Footage from the CCTV cameras did not capture any strange person getting into the assembly’s premises.

Majority Leader Salah Adamo condemned the act and called for investigations to unearth the culprit.

“This is very unfortunate thing for a human being to do, kill an innocent animal and dump it in a respectable office like that. It’s an issue we will investigate and establish the cause for such an act,” he said.

The clerk Abdullahi Daid Hussein said the assembly will review the CCTV footage and see if the perpetrator was captured in action, after which they will pursue legal action.

“This is very unfortunate and we will follow it up with our CCTV footage to try and see if we can get something and take legal action, “he said.