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Shock as wife busts her 70-year-old hubby having sex with their goat

Shock engulfed a village in Tetu Constituency, Nyeri county, after a man was found engaging in an unnatural act with a goat.

The 70-year-old was found in the act in his home in Gichira village by his wife Mrs Cecilia Muthoni Waigwa on Tuesday at around 4:30 pm.

Dumbfounded, she raised alarm by screaming, prompting a huge crowd of villagers to assemble in the homestead.

According to the area OCPD Steven Obara, Mrs Waigwa told them she got suspicious when she saw her husband get in the shed of two goats and held one of the goat by the tail.


The police boss said the woman was peeping from the rear view of their house as her husband struggled with the goat.

After being busted, the man tried to burn down their house and threatened to kill his wife before the crowd and officers intervened.

“He grabbed a jerrycan of paraffin but it was too late. He later grabbed a machete to kill the wife but we intervened,” said the police boss.

The man was taken to Muthinga Police post and later to Nyeri Police station where he is being held as investigations continue.

The scene has so far been visited by the investigating police officers and veterinary officers who took samples from the animal for analysis to determine whether the offence really took place.

Residents claim the man retired from the disciplined forces.


Police officers who arrested him described him as an arrogant and dangerous man who had previously beaten his wife and tore her upper lip.

He was previously convicted to serve a five-year jail term for murder, but was released.

Police officers who conducted a search on him before he was locked in the cell said they found him with a roll of bhang.

Mr Obara said the man will be charged when investigations are complete.