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Shocking revelations of street boys who pay for sex with your money

They always rush to you on a cold morning or evening requesting for Sh10 for tea or food.

Well, because you don’t want them to nag you or you want to do good, you give that boy the coin.

Apparently, that is the money the boy will sometimes use to pay prostitutes in Majengo and Mathare slums in Nairobi for sex.

These customers part with Sh100 to have sex with older women and just Sh50 to bed younger women.

Majority of the sexually active boys, our investigations show, are aged between 15-18 years.

“I go there at around 8pm and find the women waiting. After choosing the one I want she takes me to her house where we finish our business. Sometimes when I have enough I buy cooked food which we eat in the house,” confessed a teenage street boy famously known as Fengo.

Asked whether they use protection, Charles, one of the sexually active street boys said, “I use it once in a while. Again, you have to buy it at Sh30 and I usually don’t have enough money.”

Most of the boys go for sex about three times a week.

After having their time with the slums prostitutes, the street boys go back to the streets corridors and spend the rest of the night as they wait for the next day to borrow the coins and have enough for another “purchase”.