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SHOCKING: Enraged man chops off friend’s manhood, feeds it to dogs, for seducing his wife

A Thai man has been arrested after he cut off his best friend’s manhood and tossed it to his dog to eat after his drunk friend ‘tried to seduce’ his sleeping wife.

The man, who was drinking with at a friend’s home with his colleague on Saturday night, ran out of booze and decided to go and get more leaving the victim in the house alone with his wife.

According to local media and police, the bus painter, identified as Suwit Tipjantha, 39, allegedly made a move on the woman as she slept by stroking her arm.

Permsak Petprasert, 50, was startled by his wife Tin, 52, when she ran outside, screaming to her husband who was just arriving back home.

Permsak told police that he was so furious that he knocked out Suwit with a hammer, and then chopped off his manhood with a fruit peeling knife before throwing the appendage outside for their pet dogs to eat.

“I hit him with a hammer then took off his shorts and cut off his penis,” he said.

Permsak Petprasert (in surgical mask) with a Thai police officer at the crime scene. PHOTO | COURTESY


Police said that he had confessed and his wife said that the victim had been drunk and touched her arm while she was sleeping.

The mutilated worker woke up in hospital the next day with no recollection of the events – or why he was missing his penis.

“I was drinking beer and liquor with my friends. I don’t remember anything else after that,” he told the police.

Forensic teams have searched the area for the victim’s penis but it is expected to have been eaten by dogs.

Permsak told officers that after carrying out the attack, he instructed neighbours to drive the injured man in a pick-up truck to the hospital.

He was however not remorseful of his shocking actions, saying he would do the same if any other man made a similar move on his wife.

Police said that Permsak would be charged for physical assault leading to a serious injury of another person and that he will be facing a prison term ranging from six months to 10 years.