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Shollei tells police to stop harassing city clubbers, focus on terrorists

Uasin Gishu Woman Representative Gladys Boss Shollei has urged the police to focus on real criminals and leave city revelers alone.

Speaking on Monday at morning television show, where panelists discussed the country’s security, Shollei said she wished police concentrated on preventing crime as opposed to harassing young adults.

“If you go today to Westlands, the entire police force around Westlands is busy arresting young children who are coming out of the clubs. They are not bothered about the criminals. Where is the focus of the security agencies in Kenya?” she questioned.

Westlands is upmarket centre near 14 Riverside office complex, the scene of last week’s terror attack that left 21 people dead

Shollei said the country’s security needs to be revamped to become more proactive.

The legislator added that traffic police rarely question suspicious-looking motorists on who and what they are carrying. Instead they check insurance, license and conditions of the cars only, she said.

She said police at road blocks are in a better position to flush out illegally armed Kenyans, criminals or illegal arms because their random checks are mostly unexpected.

The discussion comes in the wake of Kenyans being urged to be more proactive and report suspicious activities in their surrounding.