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How near-fatal shooting of ex-Garissa county boss has left family struggling

February 14th, 2019 1 min read

A bullet fired from close-range which traveled through the right half of former Garissa Finance Executive Idriss Mukhtar could not be removed by a group of specialists who attended to him in India.

The medical specialists only managed to heal the wound inflicted by the bullet and discharged him to come back home where he is now lying unconscious.

Speaking to Nairobi News in the victim’s house in Nairobi, his father Dr Aden Mukhtar said that they are now forced to take care of him in one of the rooms that has now been turned into a ward.

“We have turned one of the rooms into a ward where he is now lying unconscious. We now have two nurses who usually attend him in turns on a daily basis,” he said.


Dr Mukhtar said that the family had no option when the doctors in India asked them to come back home with their unconscious son and have to follow the instructions they were given.

He said that the cost of taking care of his ailing son has shot through the roof.

“It is very expensive to treat him since we are getting from little assistance. It is becoming hard for us,” he said.

The younger Mukhtar was shot in August 2018 in Kileleshwa area just a short distance from his residence.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing with the family hoping that those involved in the matter brought to book.