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Shop attendant pleads guilty to stealing Sh91,000 and goods from her employer

A woman has pleaded guilty to charges of stealing Sh91,000 from her employer’s M-Pesa shop and Sh40,000 goods at the same shop.

Mary Nyaruiru Kamau admitted to the theft charges at the shop on diverse dates between January 27 and March 25, 2020 when she appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Boke of the Kibera Law Courts.

The money and goods were stolen from a shop owned by Catherine Mutheu Kingesi.

Nyaruiru, who was the shop attendant, had been charged with running the business by her employer and it is over that period that she stole the cash and goods.

In early March Kingesi noticed gaps in cash flow and enquired from Nyaruiru, who could not explain the decline in profits.

Kingesi travelled to Nairobi from Makueni, where she lives, only to find empty shelves and only Sh19,000 as M-Pesa float.

She demanded answers from Nyaruiru, who instead excused herself to answer a call of nature and took off.

She was arrested four months later with Nairobi’s CBD. The accused is now awaiting sentencing.