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Shorn Arwa tears up while explaining her childhood

In a world where success stories often come from privileged backgrounds, it’s always heartwarming to hear of someone who has defied the odds and made it against all expectations.

In a video seen by Nairobi News, content creator Shorn Arwa is seen tearing up while speaking about her background and thanking her Sister for helping them

“I am from a family of they will never make it. I am from a family of people saying we will never graduate. But God has worked miraculously through my sister and we have all graduated all in our family. God has made ways that we are the ones flying and relocating because of my sister. Zainab God bless you,” a tearful Arwa said.

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“I know there those days that I was a heard dealing with me because I am a hard person to deal with but I got the best upbringing. I remember in school almost nobody knew that I was an orphan because we were living the best life since my sister made sure of it that we had everything and for that may God bless you.”

The outspoken influencer who is a mother of one has been keeping her life private. Arwa who kept her pregnancy private revealed the big news saying she learned of her pregnancy in 2021 and decided to remain tight-lipped about it until she gave birth.

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In a video, she recorded in June 2022 just weeks before she gave birth which she shared on her YouTube channel on Sunday, December 18, 2022, Arwa revealed she had good friends who kept the pregnancy private as per her wishes.

“I had the best circle of friends throughout my journey of course I heard some few speculations from keen followers but never did I hear anyone from my circle spread anything not even to their closest friends or spouses,” Arwa said.

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