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Shorn Arwa vs Nairofey: How BFFs should behave when a friend gets back with an ex

By Winnie Mabel September 22nd, 2023 2 min read

No one can explain it. Truly. Why a woman would get back with an ex whom she told friends hurt her beyond measure. Is it a pull? Is it love? Genuine forgiveness and a willingness to work on the relationship together and overcome their problems? Fear of the unknown moving forward? Familiarity?

Only women who’ve gone back can attempt to explain it to us.

So YouTuber Nairofey did get back with her husband after an online showdown where they accused each other of infidelity and financial manipulation. And through that period, content creator Shorn Arwa stood by Nairofey’s side; being the shoulder all women dream of in heartbreaking times.

Fashion enthusiast Shorn Arwa. PHOTOS | COURTESY

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This reconciliation did not go down well with Shorn who claimed Nairofey’s husband was only back to “finish her.”

Nairofey and her husband fired back at Shorn with sentiments such as “let barking dogs continue doing their thing.”

Nairofey went as far as calling Shorn “some random girl”, hinting that their BFF relationship is over.

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In the face of such an unexpected reunion, how then could have Shorn Arwa behaved, instead of giving a viral interview where she spoke about a friend’s private affairs without telling her friend of what she was about to do and say?

Shorn could have chosen to:

  1.  Stay neutral and avoid taking sides since the couple reconciled. Her giving the interview could have only strained the renewed relationship if she still had some sway over Nairofey.
  2. Respected Nairofey’s privacy without giving details about the renewed relationship that hadn’t been shared before.
  3. Give Nairofey time to realize the new dynamics of the relationship and come to her own conclusions without her having to publicly give differing opinions on a relationship she is not a part of.
  4. Focus on her friendship with Nairofey and remember they were BFFs for a reason before everything went south.
  5. Offer support to Nairofey despite her sentiments. Shorn could have choses to remember ‘you can’t advise a women newly in love’ and instead offered to support Nairofey’s strengths and resilience.
  6. Set boundaries between the three of them. If she felt that Nairofey’s husband is not the right type, she could have decided in which way she could maintain a friendship or acquaintance with Nairofey without burning bridges.
  7. Share her concerns kindly and privately, not online with a YouTuber known for scandalous interviews on sensitive topics.

What else do you think Shorn should have done instead of publicly commenting on a marriage on the mend despite the highly publicized drama, which the couple apologized to Kenyans for?

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