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Shorts and oh so sweet

November 25th, 2013 1 min read

Sunny days, everybody loves them!


The lines of that golden oldie still ring true today, and what better way to enjoy the sun after a cold spell than dusting off the shorts and coming out to play.

Shorts that drop to the middle of the thigh are flattering for most body sizes and are ideal for casual functions and occasions.

They look good on slender legs as they accentuate their length.

If, however, you spent the Kenyan winter eating to stay warm, a pair of shorts that go down to the knee will hide what you would rather keep to yourself.

The challenge is that they shorten the length of the leg since they literally cover half of it.

To avoid this problem, a pair of shorts with details like roll-up hems are ideal for creating the illusion of curves while showing off your pins. Contrary to popular belief, even plus size women can wear shorts.

The temptation for bigger women to wear baggy shorts seems natural but such shorts only accentuate your bulk.

Get rid of your baggy pairs and choose a pair that neither clings to your curves nor rides up the middle.

They should have enough room to fall to the knees. To lengthen your legs, team shorts with simple heels.


Short shorts, like the name implies are really short, and thus look great only on teens or video vixens. If you are neither, leave them.