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‘Show us something else’, ‘hater’ dares curvy Amber Ray

By Winnie Mabel October 17th, 2022 2 min read

Over the weekend, Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, and her boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo, headed to the western part of the country.

By the look of the photos and videos she posted of the road trip, it would appear that Kennedy took her to his rural home to meet the family.

In one of the photos she uploaded from his homestead, Amber posed in a suggestive manner to make her assets pop in a mustard-colored outfit while standing infront of his Range Rover on October 17, 2022.

“Najua nilikua nimepotea kidogo social media…nimeona nipost hii pic muone bado kila kitu iko fiti (I know I’ve been off social media for a while…I thought I should post this picture to show you all that everything is ok)” Amber captioned the photo.

It was at this point that one of her followers came for her with beef.

“Hamna sehemu ingine wala kitu kingine cha kuonesha watu mbali na matako? Hapo ukiambiwa uoneshane nyumba ya kwako, huna, uwanja wa kwako huna, kiosk cha kwako au kitu cha maana umemiliki cha kwako, huna. Kutwa social media kutuonesha matako na rangi ya kujichimbua. Wanawake akili hamna…na hata mwanaume mwenyewe utakuta wa mwenyewe (You don’t have any other body part to show if not for your assets? If you are asked to show your house, you don’t have, a piece of land, you don’t have, a small shop or something you own, you don’t have. But you are on social media showing us your assets and bleached skin. Women, you don’t think…you will even find that man belongs to somebody else),” said @fixit_a2 in part.

Not one to take this lying down, Amber gave as good as she got, saying, “Sasa mbona unakasirika nikioneshana chenye niko nayo? Kwani hauna? (Why are you getting mad when I show what I have? Why don’t you have it?)”

As is the norm with influencers in Kenya, Amber has been all about showing off what she owns, who she’s dating and how she’s making money on social media.

She is infamous for dating taken men, men who allegedly waste her time and is currently dating her beau, Kennedy Rapudo with whom they got back after initially dating for seven weeks a few months ago before breaking up.

Amber Ray is infamous for publicly dating married men.

They include Kitutu Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda and Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi, the Chairman of the Matatu Owners Association.

Following the eventual breakup with these two, she dated a west African man who accused her of being dirty and seeking romance at random places and times.

Theirs too came to a scandalous end and she is currently dating flamboyant businessman Kennedy Rapudo, a man she believes is loving her the way she has always wanted to be loved.

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