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County govt apologizes for this ambiguous gate signage

Siaya county government has apologized for the confusing signage at the entrance of one of its facilities.

In a statement sent to newsrooms by director of communication Jerry Ochieng Sando, the county said the error was regrettable and a gross misrepresentation of the interests of the administration.

The confusing signage in black, white, green and beige colors is on the newly erected gate of Akala stadium in South Gem Ward.

At first glance the wordings, which are poorly spaced and with different font sizes, read: “County Akala Government of Stadium Siaya’.

“The contractor has instructions to immediately correct the signage to reflect the requirements of the contract. All contractors are hereby directed by the County Government of Siaya to follow instructions provided by contracting authorities moving forward,” said Mr Sando.

He further asked members of the public not to make a major fuss out of the “regrettable error”.

“Great works are ongoing within the stadium and county officers will be even more vigilant for quality works moving forward,” said Mr Sando.