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Siaya delegates expel Deputy Governor William Oduol from ODM

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) delegates in Siaya have unanimously resolved to expel Deputy Governor William Oduol from the party.

The decision was made on the grounds that Mr Oduol had failed to work effectively with the party’s leadership.

This expulsion at a time an impeachment motion against Mr Oduol is set to be tabled at the Siaya county assembly.

The decision to expel the county boss was reached during an emergency meeting held by Siaya ODM delegates at the party’s headquarters.

The delegates expressed their deep disappointment in Oduol’s failure to align himself with the party’s vision and objectives, as well as his inability to cooperate with the party’s leadership.

Oduol, who had been a member of ODM since its inception, was seen as a prominent figure within the party.

The rift between Deputy Governor Oduol and the ODM leadership has been growing steadily in recent months.

Party members have accused him of working against the party’s interests and undermining its programs.

Several local media outlets have reported on the strained relationship between Oduol and the party, highlighting instances where he openly criticized party decisions and failed to collaborate with party officials.

The decision to expel Oduol comes at a critical juncture, as a motion for his impeachment is scheduled to be tabled in the County Assembly.

The impeachment motion, which is expected to be backed by a significant number of Members of County Assembly (MCAs), alleges gross misconduct and a lack of accountability on the part of the deputy governor. It appears that the party’s decision to expel Oduol is a pre-emptive measure to distance itself from any potential fallout resulting from the impeachment process.

This development has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Siaya County. Observers believe that the expulsion of Oduol from ODM will have far-reaching consequences, both for the deputy governor’s political career and for the future of the party in the county. It remains to be seen whether Oduol will contest the decision or seek to join another political party in order to salvage his political ambitions.

Earlier this week, Mr Oduol, in a television interview, accused his boss James Orengo of graft.

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