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Siblings arrested for ‘kissing’ publicly lose ailing grandma while in police cell

An ‘intimate’ encounter between a man and his sister in Ol-Kalou turned tragic after they lost their grandmother while being held in police cells over claims of hugging and kissing in public.

The two had accompanied their grandmother to the DO’s office in Ol-Kalou in Nyandarua on Tuesday to collect her monthly stipend for the elderly.

They were to further accompany their ailing grandmother to hospital where she was going for medical attention.

Instead they ended up at Ol-Kalou police station cells over accusations of public nuisance.


Ms Carol Njoki says she had arrived at the DO’s office with her grandmother, Ms Cecilia Wairimu, and they were joined by her brother and they hugged.

“We were to accompany our grandmother to Kinagop Mission Hospital but apparently her condition worsened while we were still locked up in the cells,” she said.

She claimed a female Administration Police officers at the station had told them that it was a crime to ‘hug and kiss’ in public places.

Ms Njoki said good Samaritans offered to take their grandmother to hospital but she died on the way.


They had been arrested at 10am and later released at 3pm when they learned of their grandmother’s death.

Angry members of their family later stormed the police station threatening to dump the old woman’s body there. They accused the police of causing her death by detaining her grandchildren who were taking her to hospital.

AP boss Mr George Sangalo, however said that he was informed that the two were drunk.

“I got the report and the OCPD Wilson Kosgei informed me that he intervened to have the two released from the cells. I am investigating the matter to establish what transpired, they were both released unconditionally,” said Mr Sangalo.

But Ms Njoki denied the claims, insisting that her brother met her at the DO’s office and they were both sober.